Design & Copywriting

Studying Marketing Materials

Not all design firms understand print, and not all printers understand design. At CDS, we've bridged that gap by providing you with talented designers and copywriters right here on staff. Instead of maintaining relationships with multiple vendors, you can partner with one trusted company for all your design, copy, and printing needs – leaving you with more time to focus on what you do best.

Inspired Design

We believe that a well-designed marketing piece starts well before the printing stage. Layout, color schemes, typeface, and other visual aspects are essential to a flawless finished product. We offer a full spectrum of design services to include business and personal collateral, brand identity, logo creation, tradeshow graphics, webpage creation, multi-media design and more.

  • Theresa is a senior level designer with over 10 years experience. She is an Adjunct Professor of Design at Cincinnati State, and has a strong understanding of brand management. She offers careful attention to detail and enjoys collaborating with clients. She is a true professional with a beautiful sense of balanced design.
  • Linda is an award-winning senior art director/designer with over 25 years of design industry experience. Highly creative, she employs a strategic mindset. She believes research and understanding of the client's business is the backbone of great design. She has designed for many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Mitch is a multi-media designer who brings a fresh and unique perspective to the design world. A specialist at logo and cross platform branding he has the ability to seamlessly integrate design into print, video, and animation. He offers cutting edge technology blended with professional corporate identity.
  • Melissa is a versatile copywriter and web specialist with 13+ years experience providing concise, compelling content for all mediums. A professional writer by trade, she provides a wide range of services to include web content, blog and feature articles, product descriptions, business collateral, newsletters, press releases, editing, rewrites, and more.
  • With 20 years of corporate communications writing, Sherry lends her writing expertise to a spectrum of media – video, interactive, multi-media, Internet, and print. Sherry crafts messages with the right tone to stimulate vision. She engages minds and hearts in any phase of development, from proposal to product launch.

Content is King

Even the best-looking piece won't achieve the results you want without powerful, targeted text. Our highly trained copywriters anchor each piece with engaging, concise copy that conveys your message with artistic simplicity. From technical writing to tongue-in-cheek humor, our writers have the versatility and creativity to capture your vision.

The Finished Product

Professionally designed marketing collateral lends tremendous credibility to your venture. Our writers and designers collaborate to ensure that text and design work seamlessly together to create a clean, polished piece. And, as always, we'll print your finished pieces with the rigorous quality standards you've come to expect from Corporate Document Solutions.